Women in Corporate India
By Suvendu Bhowmick

Women are all about life.Giving a new life, nurturing life, making life easy to her family. Women are source of love, respect. They teach the world about the language of love. They are the opposite of cruelty,war,destruction etc. which balance the world with its negative and destructive side and made the world better place to live. The above are the common things which all say about the women. But I think these are not the limit of a women or all about women.

In modern days women are not only women but they adapted themselves to super women.

As a man I would say if men want to improve themselves/their life at all aspects including home to their work place then compit with women not a man. As now the women have been the toughest and strongest competitor for a man.

At last I would say that we worship women as an idol from ancient time. We have so many goddess in our culture.

And inner message inside this is 'If you do not get love, respect, kindness, support from woman in your life then your life is incomplete. But women are complete on their own."

Suvendu Bhowmick

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