Dhruv – Tour Operator Software

Dhruv – Tour Operator Software

Dhruv, a web-based system, provides comprehensive and flexible software solution to domestic as well as outbound tour and travel operators. Its multi-branch and multi-currency features makes the system useful even for tour operators operating from different parts of the world.

The system helps in managing all aspects of both group and FIT options.

The XML interface provides easy access to third party GDS systems for flights that seamlessly integrates with our Booking. Flight integration includes the ability to get real-time availability & fares.

CRM provides option for managing client information as individuals or as households.

Bookings can be made for agents and direct clients from the same screens.

Operations module allows the tour operator to keep track of the component allocations against each date & manage checklists.

Reports generated from the operations module allows the tour operator to have clear picture of all his tours at all times, thus allowing better personnel and resource management.

Online & accurate MIS helps the management to make accurate decisions.

This web-based system offers Tour operators:

  • consistent output and quality.
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy.
  • Reduce operating costs.

Main modules:

It's well defined CRM module helps consultants to manage and analyze customer interactions and data to drive sales growth by improving business relationships with customers.

It provides option to hold and access client information as individuals or as households i.e. clients on the same address.

The main functions include recording various customer interactions (over email, phone calls, or other channels), automating various processes such as tasks, alerts and giving managers the ability to track performance and productivity based on information logged within the system.

Simple enquiry to quote and quote to booking flow.

Integration with web enquiries creates enquiries without any manual efforts, minimizing loss of data due to human errors and helps consultants to respond enquiries faster. It also allows to track enquiry to quote conversion and quote to booking conversion.

The most popular & flexible itinerary builder allows consultants to create multiple versions of itinerary & manage them easily. It quickly creates itinerary documents based on templates of your own design.

It also provide option to email correspondence to client or itineraries and client preferences to the supplier.

Operations covers the post booking activities, it generates checklists for group and FIT departures and reports for ground agents, hotels and airport representatives.

  • Departure date wise tour status list to allow for post booking activity planning
  • Hotel directory, airport representative list, rooming and passport lists allows for clear flow of information between tour operator, client and ground agent
  • Batch processing for invoices
  • Back office handling group tour availability

Direct Marketing helps maintain client profile, generate mass mailers and analyze the brochure productivity.

  • Advertisement and campaign definition with costs and media
  • Flexible questionnaire definition and handling
  • Handling flexible, extensive and comprehensive mass mail process that selects, generates and marks the mail merges into client correspondence

MIS helps the management get accurate and online information to make accurate decisions.

  • Enquiry till booking conversion
  • Individual and group tour gross operating process analysis
  • Year on year sales analysis
  • Country wise, supplier wise MIS
  • Individual quote conversion and group tour tentative booking analysis

Our online solutions

Online Booking & Online Booking Form

Online booking offers your customers easy to use online reservation system with your website for group tours. Due to its simple flow & easy to use online payment option, you can accept online reservations on your website, minimizing enquiry to booking conversion time. Online booking form helps gather all required details for booking directly from client, allowing sales consultants to concentrate on other sales activities.

Online Post Travel Questionnaire

It provides the fastest way to get customer input as soon as they return from holiday. It allows you to create the configuration that suits your needs. Fully Customisable questionnaire simplifies the way you collect and manage customer feedback. It save time and money with this online service.

Online Payment

It is integrated with payment gateways like SagePay, SecureTrade, TNSPay. Integrate it with payment gateway of your choice and accept online payments from your customers in real-time, safely and securely. Get paid faster by giving your customers option to pay online at the time of booking.


MyApp is client portal that allows client to log in and access their quotes, itineraries & other booking details. It gives you capability of sharing information with client, tracking client interests, that can be used to know your client better & provide improved service.

Supplier portal

The supplier portal allows for the suppliers and ground agents to log from the tour operator's website into a secure area, where they can see the quotes sent to them, the monies paid to them, etc.

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  • Website Development
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